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Languages produce new words, according to needs of the time, in terms of being constantly evolving, living entities. In the language which has a productive and variable structure, the condition which attachment will come to which root is made with the rules of language as a result of hundreds of years of language experience. As long as humanity exists / continues, new concepts and objects will emerge, new words will be needed to meet them. Material and spiritual concepts belong to a nation, have counterpart in the language. These words, which are needed in parallel with the change of social life, are brought in vocabulary of the language, derived by various methods. Turkish structurally is a language that can realize the word derivation feature at the maximum level, based on its root and attachment integrations. One of the most frequently used methods to make/produce words or enrich their vocabulary in Turkish, is the derivation with attachments. New concepts can be easily brought in, by putting attachments to a single root. Attachments that show various changes depending on sound events are integral parts of words with function and shape size, although they appear to be just phonetic element in the language. In this study, different views about the origin of the attachment are displayed, which are generally shown as a less function. Attachment has undertaken functions of making name from name and name from verb. Here, different views about the origin of attachment are given, from Old Turkish till today, condition of attachment in Turkey Turkish dialects and modern Turkish dialects is supported with examples, also the functions that attachment has undertaken are identified.

Attachment, Construction Attachment, -mAn Attachment, +mAn Attachment, Functions of Attachment.

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