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People with different cultural characteristics are interested in cultural life outside their own environment. The desire to recognize these different cultures leads people to move away from their environment, discover new places and participate in community-based tourism activities during this discovery. Community-based tourism is seen as a concept that can meet the economic social and environmental needs of local communities. In this study, the potential of transforming the center of art and culture movement into a sustainable community based tourism center was evaluated. Due to the wide scope of the concept of community-based tourism, various qualitative research techniques have been combined and a mixed method has been applied. The mixed method was realized by using a combination of research techniques such as observation, interview and document analysis. The variety of data sources and the acquisition of data in different people and timeframes allows the control and verification of the method used. Thus, it is aimed to reach more concrete and comprehensive findings in the study by making data variation. Considering the results obtained from this study, Although Sonsuz Sukran Village has limited economic contributions to the region, it has been observed that social, cultural and environmental contributions are important. Another result of the study is that a movement initiated for arts and culture has the potential to be a part of sustainable local development with the effect of tourism.The geographical and climatic structure of the region is suitable for the realization of many tourism activities based on nature in this region. Activities that can be suggested in the region in the context of community-based tourism are listed

Sonsuz Şükran Village, Community Based Tourism, Sustainable Tourism,

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