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There are many grammatical rules in every language. However, some rules used often. The language essentially revolves around these commonly used rules. People agree with the rules commonly used in daily life, read the writing and understand what they listen. Today, grammatical method foreign language teaching started to abandon. Because, long time grammar teaching understood from language teaching and applied. The same applies to Arabic. When we examine the history of Arabic grammar teaching, this distress is not only today. In the past, they have raised the same distress facilitating grammar. One of them is Halef al-Ahmer. He wrote a book called di Introduction to Grammar to teach Arabic grammar to students. Halef al-Ahmer is a scholar of Turkish origin. It has an important place in Arabic language and literature. His mother and father are Ferghani that in the borders of Uzbekistan today. They war taken captive by Kuteybe b. Muslim and brought to Iraq. Here, the governor of Basra Bilal b. They war given a gift to Abu Burde al-Ashari. el-Ahmer was born in 115 in Basra. Two targets identified in this research. First, give examples about facilitating grammar from the past. The second one is to carry the studies of a Turkish scholar on this subject to the present day. Because language and literature are not just products of a certain race.

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