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The aim of this study is to develop a scale that measures ship performance according to the employee perception and has a validity and reliability. The study group consisted of 215 employees working in the direct fleet management of 27 ship enterprises operating in Istanbul. In this study, which was collected data by survey method, in the validity analysis, which is often preferred for scale development in the literature; expert panel for scope validity, explanatory and confirmatory factor analyzes for structural validity and convergent and discriminant validity between the dimensions obtained, to determine reliability; Correlation analysis and dependent sample t-test were used for test-retest, Cronbach's alpha coefficient was used for item total score correlation and internal consistency. At the end of all analyzes, a two-dimensional ship performance scale named as eightitem, navigation and cargo performance was obtained. Analysis results show that the ship performance scale is a valid and reliable scale. At the end of the research, it was emphasized that not only quantitative indicators but also qualitative indicators could be used in themeasurement of the performance of the vessels that have an important place in national and international goods trade. Although there are many studies in the literature that measure the performance of ships based on quantitative indicators, no study has been found in which the ship performance is tried to be measured according to the employees' point of view. Therefore, it can be said that this study is an original study. The development of a measurement instrument that measures the performances of the vessels according to the employees' perceptions and which can be easily applied is very important in terms of filling a gap in the maritime management literature and providing alternatives method to the managers of the ship companies.

Ship Performance, Ship Management, Maritime Management.

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