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Person or people who hijack, racketeer and break the order are seen in every period of history. These people who have a negative effect on the social order are named as bandits, barbarians, rebels and brigands by the states. Especially, when the state power is decreasing or where the power of the state cannot reach, the banditry activities have reached very dangerous dimensions. The banditry events seen (observed) in war situations and in times of scarcity appear also in places where social injustice is experienced and where the economic balance is broken. The encounter of societies living in different lifestyles has also caused to appear these kinds of crime. Furthermore, it is seen that climate and geographical conditions can lead to banditry activities in some situations. Mountainous and forested areas are places where bandits can take shelter. The bandits that plundered settled societies have usually refuge in mountainous and forested areas. In addition, the narrow valleys where the caravan roads pass, and the river beds are suitable areas to set trap for the bandits. These bandits, which threatened social order in antiquity, negatively affected not just trade and production also international relations (senin ifadenin net çevirisi: These bandits, which threatened social order in antiquity, negatively affected trade, production and even international relations.). States that have to maintain social order have developed some policies to struggle (combat) these criminals. They set up outposts on the roads where bandits could pass, built castles around the cities to protect the settled people. The states in the ancient period also took measures against these banditry activities and gave heavy penalties to the gang members they captured. In this study, the security and judicial policies implemented by the states against some banditry activities occurring in antiquity will be emphasized.

Antic Age, Banditry, State, Security

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