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New media tools that have developed in recent years have become the main force accelerating the globalization process of today's society. Many new media such as news sites, blogs, and social networking sites are called “new media”. Social networks that constitute the main topic of our research have brought inter-personal, intercultural and inter-communal communication and interaction to a higher level and made them more complicated. Social networks may also produce effects that also appear in face-to-face communication occurring among people in a virtual environment. The possibilities offered through social networks that allow mutual interaction can give a feeling of belonging to a group. Some people may establish deep mutual relationships since they find it easier to have conversation with people who do not see their faces in these networks. These virtual environments allow individuals who cannot communicate easily in daily life to meet and communicate with many people. In addition, even people who have difficulty in expressing themselves and who are shy and unconfident can easily behave like a human in their imagine because of convenience virtual environment. It is beyond dispute that social networks have many social and economic benefits. However, the use of this new environment in an unprincipled, unlimited and inattentive way has also created some adverse conditions. Some users have suffered serious psychological damage and become victims as a result of some experiences on social networks,. This victimization has adversely affected people's anxiety levels and people have started to experience problems in their social relations based on trust. Because of the above mentioned significance of the subject, a research was carried out aiming at determining the relationship between cyber victimization experiences on social networks and social anxiety. The research was conducted in the form of descriptive research and relational screening model. In this method, survey technique was used as the primary means of obtaining data. Students of Selcuk University in the academic year of 2017-2018 constituted the population of the research. Convenience sampling method, one of the non-random sampling methods, was used within this population due to the time and cost constraints of the researchers and 500 samples were determined. SPSS 20 statistical program was used in the analysis of the data. Frequency distributions and demographic characteristics of respondents were examined; reliability tests and regression analysis were conducted.

Social Networks, Cyber Victimization, University Students, Social Anxiety.

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