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The Great Saljuq (1037-1194) was an empire that stretched from the borders of China to the coast of Mediterranean and dominated a vast geography and many nations and states. Even though this empire ruled such a vast geography for one and a half century, it left relatively few historical records, and we may say it wasn’t a bright period in terms of historiography. This situation necessitates studying every aspect of extant historical records of the period with rigor. The work is written by Hâje Imâm Zahīr al-Dīn Nīshāpūrī in Persian and includes political, social and cultural events from the emergence of the Great Saljuqs on the historical scene up to the beginning of the reign of Iraqi Saljuqids’ last ruler Abu Tâlib Toghrul bin Arslan (1177-1194) and it also gives information about organizational history and elements of the reign of the Saljuqs. In our work, information relayed by Nīshāpūrī on state tradition, system and operation is evaluated in the light of the previously written works. Regardless of the language and stylistic features of the work, although it is not understandable, especially the introduction part praising Kanûnî Sultan Süleyman is very depicted and includes poems and depictions in which long sentences are used. The next chapters on historical events were written with relatively more explicit expressions. In our study, the prominent works that were previously known about their contents were mentioned and until this time, the features, content, author and the copy of Kenzu'l-Cevâhiri's-Seniyye fî Futûhâti's-Süleymaniyya were language and stylistic features of our research is given in a concise manner

Persian Historiography in the Ottoman Empire, Kenzu’l-Cevâhiri’s-Seniyye Fî FutûḤâti’s-Süleymâniyy

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