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As a culture and thought move, Hamle Magazine planned to get the opinions and comments of famous faces of the period regarding the topic of “the problems of the believer intellectual”. It included these interviews in its issues from nine to nineteen - one interview per each issue. The magazine asked such questions as “Why Has Islamic Thought Declined?” and “How can Islamic Thought Develop? to these famous intellectuals. This interview chain started with Cemil Meriç first, and then, the interviews with Hayrettin Karaman, Erol Güngör, İsmet Özel, Nevzat Kösoğlu, Rasim Özdenören, S. Ahmed Arvasi, S. Hayri Bolay, Süleyman Uludağ, Taha Akyol and Mehmet Aydın were published in the magazine. This interview series, which was made by Hamle Magazine with the leading intellectuals of the period, is a useful thought event for both that period and today's society. The September 12th coup affected all parts of the society and brought with it a political and cultural constipation. The names of the Turkish Nation and the realm of the Islamic world, the names of those who are in the competence of saying that the various intellectual jurisdictions, the "constipation" was looking for ways to resolve. Various international developments, especially the Iranian Islamic Revolution, have carried a number of debates, especially in the Islamic world. As a result, this series of interviews with leading intellectuals of the period is a philosophical move which is very useful both for that period and for today's society. On the other hand, the questions asked and answers given during the interview still remain valid in the name of the problems of today's Muslim society.

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