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Access to resources abroad in folklore studies is one of the most important arguments to reveal the status of intercultural studies and relations. Turkey's cultural relations with countries in the basin due to historical factors allow various aspects of Turkish culture has to live in this country. On the other hand, when the social and political relations with Armenia have been limited due to the political factors that have emerged in the last century, it has become very difficult to find out the extent of the influence of Turkish culture in this geography. Turkey with political relations and relations in the social sense Another item which is a historical dynamics with which the Republic of Turkey against the Armenian Diaspora should perform well reflected in the political struggle can be traced back to the rejection of a sense of Sevres treaty network. One of the most fundamental tasks in this struggle falls into institutions such as the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and should support different studies, especially in this area. However, the fact that the number of social scientists who have mastered the Armenian language in this subject is limited has resulted in limited studies in this direction. The fact that the studies related to the subject could not be done by academicians provided a basis for the conduct of the country managers on the foreign policy centers such as foreign affairs ministry. This study was prepared in order to illuminate the subject and to introduce various sources to the related persons in order to show the effect of Nasreddin Hodja type in Armenia.

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