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Reflection of fast consumption industry and marketing services’ rapidly emerging development on Turkey has been realized as the change in the habits of home delivery system in the last 20 years. Especially time constraint, arised after Industrial Revolution has made great changes on society besides of production technologies. International competition and the instinct of producing more came with it, women’s participation in labor force, the working obligations of people which have made changes on dietary habits appeared because of the social construction transformation to information society has forced people to find more practical and fast alternatives. In this study, a face to face survey was utilized with 359 students in Süleyman Demirel University and data was estimated with logit model by using cross section data analysis for specifying socio-economic factors of fast food and out of home food consumption habits. While the home delivery order variable which involved in the established model is dependent variable; gender, situation of daytime/evening education, fast food preference status, monthly food expenditure of student, body mass index, campaigns for non-home food consumption, the possibility of order for foods which can not be prepared at home and the place where the family of student is widely resident are independent variables. According to the results of the analysis, the average total income of the students participated the survey is 1082.41 TL, the average food expenditure is 408.42 TL and the average home delivery order expenditure is 56.03 TL. In addition, while the share of food expenditure in total income is 38%, the share of home delivery order expenditure in average food expenditure is 14%. The finding that the share of food expenditure in income is decreasing from low-income group to the high-income group is in line with our expectations. The main results of the econometric model showed that fast food consumption habit and availability of foods which can not be prepared at home are the two most significant factors affecting student’s choice on home food delivery choice.

Key Words: Food Consumption, Fast Food Consumption, Home Delivery Order, Logit

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