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People live in society to meet their needs. Justice is an important fact that people living together expect from society. In order for people to live together and in a peaceful way, a number of facts must prevail in that society. Justice is one of the most important things that people living together expect from society. However, when we look at history of humanity, many incidents that caused uneasiness have been experienced and are still happening. Especially, the fact that income and the resources of that society are not distributed fairly, people think only of their own interests and social stratification are the most important reasons of these events. It is for this reason that people only think of their own interests and social stratification occurs. Social stratification occurred in almost every society, was one of the important problems for humanity and prevented people from living in the same environment in a peaceful way. This study deals with the social influences of zakat which is one of the five terms of Islam. The document scanning method has been used in the study. In this context, class theories and social stratifications have been examined. In addition, important revolutions of mankind have been examined, Influence of zakat on the slavery has been discussed. As a result, it has been seen that one of the causes of revolutions in the world is the stratification. Lower layer looks with hatred towards the upper layer. In the society where the zakat is applied, it is determined that a stratification similar to this does not yield the revolutions. In addition to this, it has been observed that the issue of giving zakat to freed the slaves is an important issue.

social stratification, theory of class, social aspect of zakat

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