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The Internet has become one of the most important tools of the real estate sector. In recent years, the real estate sector, which has been growing dynamically with the opportunities brought by digitalization, has expanded its market share and spread to the market base. According to researches; Before people buy housing, various search engines, web applications or mobile devices 83% to 90% (Real Estate Sector Report, 2018) in the range of the general name without using the name of the company is trying to reach conclusions about. In this sense, one of the most important means of reaching the buyer is real estate ads and real estate companies who want to be successful in this matter should understand the perceptions and attitudes of online consumers. There is no direct research on real estate advertisements on the Internet, and there are different studies in the literature. It is desirable to provide a research proposal to fill this gap and shed light on this issue. The aim of this study is to determine the consumer perceptions of the attitudes and beliefs of the participants about real estate advertisements on the internet. For this purpose, the scales used in Uçar (2013) and Arslan and Dursun (2015) studies (with Likert scale) were adapted and used as basis. A pilot study was conducted for 50 people with the scale to be used for the research and validity and reliability were verified and 388 users were reached using simple random sampling method. According to the results of the research, the results of the researches are determined according to the attitudes towards real estate advertisements on the internet and the level of beliefs. According to the results of the research, according to the factor groups based on the attitude components, consumer confidence in real estate ads on the internet is formed. These factors are Economics and Information Source: (EBK), Negative Characteristics: (OÖ) , Cost: (MLY) , Living Standard: (YS). When the factors connected to these groups of factors change, consumer confidence in real estate advertisements on the Internet is about forty percent.

Real estate ads on the Internet, attitude components, consumer confidence

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