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After having lost their struggle about independence against Russia that wanted to reach their historical desire, the homeland of Circassian was invaded by the Russian forces. As they could not accept to live under the administration of Russia, Circassians were exiled from their homeland by the Russian Goverment. In those years the Circassian people admitted the Ottoman Sultan as a leader of the world and they decided to migrate to Anatolia and Rumelia. After the migration they were settled in those lands and became the citizens of the Ottoman Empire. During the 93 War, they joined the Ottoman Army and fought against Russian forces in Rumelian and Caucasian fronts. When the Ottoman forces were defeated in both fronts, the Circassians were exiled both from Caucasia and Rumelia for the second time where they were settled. In this study, we will explain and evaluate the registrated demographic book of Circassians which were recorded in Atatürk Library about their exile from Rumelia and then settled in Amasya Lâdik. Circassian immigrant group including 99 houses and a population of 384 was settled in villages of Lâdik and districts formed as connected to villages by immigrant commission. Immigrants who settled here permanently were sincerely welcomed by both rulers and the local people of the area. Thus, while Circassian immigrants, who were subject to exile mandatorily twice, had a new country they could continue their lives after so many problems and negations they experienced in these processes, they were also welcomed with love by the native people. As a part of Turkish nation, they continued their existence in national unity and integrity

Circassian, Rumelia, Lâdik, Immigrant, Settlement, 93 War

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