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The British East India Company has made India, one of the most important countries of the East, a colony of the British. For about 250 years, the company, acting on behalf of the British kingdom, managed a large country like India during. In India, the company first implemented the allied system and then entered the occupation period to took over the country. The company, was abolished with the Indian rebellion in 1857, had an important role in making Britain one of the greatest states of the time. This study deals with the process of taking over India by this important company that opens the doors of the East to the British. It is aimed to determine how East India has acquired a large country like India. With the study, it was found that the company overwhelmed the other enemies by agreeing with the local prince and kings, which was called the allied system. In the next stage, In the next stage, it was determined that the kingdoms were completely occupied. It has been found that even the local forces that went to the agreement with the British East India against their enemies could not escape the British invasion attempt. It was understood that the company's only goal was to transfer the riches of the East to England, destroying all the forces that could confront it for this purpose. The British company, which established a system based on exploitation, was not interested in the good management of the Indian people, but it was noted for a long time that the Indian people were despised by the local Indian kings and the British.

British East Indian Company, Colony, Subsidiary Alliance

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