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Migrations are the translocations that has been experienced dynamically throughout history, adversely affecting the socioeconomic development of societies. In this study, it is emphasized that the necessity of decreasing migrations in order to eliminate its negative effects on social progress and socioeconomic development, and the importance of strengthening regional development in order for the country to develop levelly. Purpose of this study is to explain the effects of migration on socioeconomic development and social progress and to explain the interaction between these three concepts. Theoretical data, field studies and observations were used as methods. The study is based on migrations within Turkey and their effects on development and progress of the country. The fact that people have to migrate due to various reasons and to become dense on certain regions prevents the country's capabilities and opportunities to be used sufficiently and creates regional differences. Emigration prevents the use of human capital for development of the country through labor migration and brain drain. The continuous mobility of the permanent settlement and massive migration circulation slow the socioeconomic development and social progress of the country. In order for the country to develop healthily, it is necessary to prevent or reduce internal and external migration. The balanced distribution of services and investments across the country will slow down movement of migration and enable people to embrace areas where they live. Instead of providing the basis for people to become dense on the places where the services are located, bringing services to people’s doorstep will reduce the migration and strengthen development. Movements of migration are mostly due to the lack of regional opportunities. Improvement of the factors causing migration, such as the expectation of efficient access to education and health services, security and employment opportunities at the regional level, and the creation of viable permanent policies for the solution of these problems are expected to prevent immigration of people and ensure a balanced development of the country.

Migration, Immigrant, Progress, Social Development, Economic Development

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