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International Journal of Eurasian Researches is an e-journal in which the academic, scientific, research-based articles are published.

It is published regularly as two volumes at most in January and July a year. Beside these two volumes, special issues are also published as the scholars, making their marks in their own fields; wish to publish. International Journal of Eurasian Researches is a journal which is published upon request of the academicians, working in related fields.

International Journal of Eurasian Researches is a scientific journal that accepts articles; based on researching and surveying in the subjects like Turkish languages and literatures, Middle East, Central Asia and European language, culture, literature, history, anthropology, folklore; particularly Russian.

International Journal of Eurasian Researches is a journal in which the authentic, scientific and academic articles, based on researching, surveying and reviewing, are accepted.Since this journal is the one, being published in social sciences, the articles are published in Turkish, Russian and English.This journal is an independent and authentic one, by a part of academicians, not being dependent on any university or institution, proceeds to be published.  


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    Call for Papers

    International Journal of Euroasian Researchers

    “Kipchak Special Issue”


    International Journal of Euroasian Researchers

    is an open access and fully refereed journal

    devoted to research in all fields of Eurasian

    history, Russian language, Turkish language

    and literature, Middle East, Central Asia,

    culture, anthropology and folklore.

    The aim of the special issue is to

    bring together articles on history,

    language and culture of Kipchaks.


    History of Kipchaks

    Ethnogenesis of Kipchaks

    Kipchaks Beyond the Boundaries of the

    Eurasian Steppe

    The Structures of Everyday Life of Kipchaks

    Religio-Cultural System in Kipchaks

    Historical and Modern Kipchak Language

    Historical and Modern Kipchak Texts

    Archeology of Kipchaks

    Important Dates

    Deadline for submission: October 1, 2017

    Final manuscript due: October 15, 2017


    Editorial Team

    Dr. Kutluay Erk (Co-Guest Editor)                          Dr. Yaroslav Pylypchuk (Co-Guest Editor)

    kutluay.erk@windowslive.com                                bachman@meta.ua


    Authors interested in publishing in the special issue should upload papers with a 300-500 word abstract on  http://www.avrasyad.com. Authors of the selected proposals will then be notified to submit their full length articles. Manuscripts will be subject to anonymous review by a panel of experts.


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