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Writing And Publishing Policies

International Journal of Eurasian Researches is published twice a year.

International Journal of Eurasian Researches is an international refereed journal. 

Original articles which are sent to International Journal of Eurasian Researches to be published are peer-reviewed by two referees after being reviewed by editorial board, and as reviewers accept articles, they are published. If one of the referees rejects the article, it is sent to third referee.

Articles, sent to International Journal of Eurasian Researches must not have been previously published.

This journal provides immediate open-access on the principle that making it constant.

There is no royalty for articles; all legal responsibility of the articles belongs to International Journal of Euroasian Researches.

All responsibility related to the contents of the articles in this journal belongs to the authors.

Whether articles have plagiarism or not is evaluated by referees, if detected, peer-review process is suspended.

Information such as the author name, title, institution and e-mail address should not be included under the title of the article. Since the system administrator observes that articles added or sent, this information will be added by the editor after the referee process.

The articles can be followed via Article Tracking System at www.avrasyad.com. The peer-review process is a bimonthly journal.

Aims & Scope

  1. to make use of e-journal software as user-friendly and as an answer for the needs of the academicians.
  2. to haul the centre of these fields in Turkey and Turkish world from Turkey to international fields.
  3. to be searched on various databases via open-access system and to render the material for the academicians easily to acquire.
  4. the recognazibility of the journal is enhanced via open-access system by searching on various databases.

The publication language of this journal is Turkish. If it is necessary and appropriate according to publishing policies, English and Russian papers can also be included. Yet, Turkish/English, Turkish/Russian title, abstract and keywords should be added to the paper.

At the beginning of the papers, a concise abstract should be in Turkish, English or Russian (200 words) and at least in two of these languages, there should be keywords (3-5 words), abstracts should be written in Arial 10 font. The papers should have Windows 95 programme or over it, should be written in Arial 11 font as well as should have 1.15 line spacing.

Left-right margins of the paper should be 3 cm, it is not allowed to use tab key for the beginning of paragraphs, enter key for paragraph spacing.

Intertextual references should be mentioned in parenthesis name and date or page number. For instance; (Tanpınar 1985) or (Tanpınar 1985: 316). Quotes less than three lines should be given in line-spaces and in inverted commas; quotes more than three lines should be given 1 cm inside from left-right margins, in block, 10 font, with one line-space.

Footnotes should be used under the page, only for explanations, should be given in numbers.

Books, located at the end of the article in references (bold and italic) and articles (name of article is bold, volume is in Roman numeral, number, colon, and page numbers) in alphabetical numbers and should be created as follows:

ELÇİN, Şükrü, (1998), “Yeşil Abdal’ın Bir Şiiri”, Folkloristik: Prof. Dr. Dursun Yıldırım Armağanı, (Ed. M. Özarslan-Ö.Çobanoğlu), Ankara: Feryal Matbaacılık, 216-231.

STOELTJE, J. Beverly, (1983), “Festival in America”, Handbook of American Folklore, (ed R. M. Dorson.), Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 239-246.

TANPINAR, Ahmet Hamdi, (1985), XIX. Asır Türk Edebiyatı Tarihi, İstanbul: Çağlayan Basımevi.

ÜLKEN, Hilmi Ziya, (1952), “Milli Destan ve Folklor”, Türk Folklor Araştırmaları, II, 33: 513-514.

WELLEK, R. ve A. WARREN, (1982), Yazın Kuramı, (Çeviren: Y. Salman ve S. Karantay), İstanbul: Altın Kitaplar Yayınevi.

If more than one article of an author is given as reference, the articles should be written in chronological order, the publications in the same year of the same author should be given in sequence as (1985a) (1985b).

Dissertations should be asserted from the aspect of university and related degree (Master, Doctorate…)

Articles should be sent to according to above-mentioned policies. Otherwise, articles will not be certainly taken into consideration.  





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